Ramayapatnam Port Work to Start Next Year

According to Municipal Administration Minister Mr. M. Mahidhar Reddy, the work on Ramayapatnam port in Prakasam district will begin in the New Year.

Mr. Reddy said the district was poised to witness tremendous growth on the industrial front with the coming up of the second major port in the State after Visakhapatnam.

A proposal for setting up a INR 3,000-crore industrial corridor was being considered, he added.

Development and welfare initiatives of the ruling Congress would help it score a hat-trick in the next general election, he said. The statutory backing given to the SC/ST sub-plans would boost the party’s prospects in future elections including the polls for cooperative bodies, he added.

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3 Responses to Ramayapatnam Port Work to Start Next Year


      Don’t elect the non-local and lazy leaders like our MPs Magunta and mekapati, why because, they are try to develop their area only.Port dropped, Due to our lazy MP , except our Minister Mahidher reddy. So, I requesting to all of our prakasam district people,please elect our local leaders only. Once again Ramayapatnam loose the second central project . Nellore leaders please Quit the ongole , if you have any moral values.


    Good news! for Ramayapatnam people,Port takes U turn to Ramayaptnam from Durgarajupatnam,due to some of Technical and security problems

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